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Coelbren School 10
At the heart of the community

  The end of the war
As the intensity of German air raids decreased, some of the evacuees went home to their families but the V1 and V2 rocket attacks on the south east of England in 1944 brought a further 23 children and their teacher from Surrey to the school. All the children of the school would have enjoyed the bonfires lit in May 1945 to celebrate VE (Victory in Europe) Day.  

Coelbren School hall
opened in 1960

Photograph by kind
permission of
Coelbren School

School hall 

Coelbren school celebrated its centenary in 1994 and despite the economic and social changes which have swept the area it is still very much at the heart of the local community, surviving where so many other small schools in Powys have disappeared. 

(For a detailed history of the school see Coelbren School 1894-1994 by W.T. Davies)

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