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Coelbren School 7
A progress report


A school inspection
A report following a visit by His Majesty's Inspectors in 1911 praises the improvements made by the the school and indicates the very difficult circumstances under which the staff worked. The report is quoted in these extracts from the School Log Books.

Coelbren School
Log Book

School log book entry 

County Archives

School log book entry 

The extracts read:-
"The playground seriously needs treatment. There is no urinal for the infants. The Channel for the urinal for the boys is badly laid. There is a pipe through the wall of the lavatory, but no connection has been made yet with the main that passes the front of the playground.
The coal-house door is broken down. Some of the desks are broken; others are unstable; and several - mainly those in the middle room - are extremely unsatisfactory in various respects."

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