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Darowen School 8
The little ones 

  The all-weather children
Many of the remarks by the School Inspectors as recorded in the Darowen School Log Books over the years were very favourable, especially with regard to the isolated location of the little village school. One such comment is shown below.
 Darowen School
Log Book
School log book entry 

The above entry was made on 11th September,1934 and reads:
"The little ones evidently make considerable sacrificies to attend in all weathers and take a keen interest in their work. [In] Spite of the illness of the teachers there is no falling off in the attainments of the children". 

A report recorded some 30 years earlier includes very high praise for the singing of the children.

County Archives
School log book entry 

The relevant part of this extract of 13th July,1903 reads:
"..seldom is sweeter, more tuneful and more correct singing heard in a rural school."

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