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Darowen School 12
A basin full of caps ! 

  Little ones kneel on the floor
Like most schools, and over many years, there have been complaints about poor conditions and shortages of equipment. Two samples of such comments from School Inspector's Reports as recorded in the School Log Books of Darowen School are shown below.
 Darowen School
Log Book
School log book entry 

The entry shown above was written on 29th June,1909 and reads:
"The desks are bad and are said to have been here since 1841. There are none suitable for Infants and the little ones kneel on the floor and use a bench as a desk. There is no clock and no chair in school".

The remarks below are from a report of a 1920 inspection. The image of dry wash-basins full of children's caps seems amusing today, but the School Inspector clearly was not impressed.

County Archives
School log book entry 

This extract is from 28th May,1920 and reads:
"There are three washing-basins in the cloakrooms, but apparently no use is made of them except as receptacles for caps. No water either for drinking or washing." 

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