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The cost of learning 

  Grumbling parents
The two entries shown below, from the School Log Books which record the early days of the village school at Darowen, show that money matters have always been important in the story of education.
Darowen School
Log Book
School log book entry 
  The above comment was written on 9th February,1872 and reads:
"Many of the parents grumble that they have to buy their own books. Two children have left school on that account". 
County Archives
School log book entry 

This slightly earlier entry, from 1870, was noted on 26th October and reads:
"Told the children to bring their subscription of 5 pence each towards fuel on Monday next".

The notion of school-children having to bring money to pay for coal to heat the classroom in winter seems very strange today. It was an added burden for parents, many of whom would have found it hard enough to find money to heat their own homes, let alone the school. The entry below from 1934 is a reminder of rural poverty which has often affected much of the countryside.

  School log book entry 

The remarks above were written on 19th October,1934 and read:
"Attendance is slightly better this week. One child is without suitable boots and has been absent all week".
The lack of good footwear for country children who may have to use mountain tracks to get to school must have caused many absences over the years.

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