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Returning to the front line 

  A visitor from the Great War
A disturbing entry from the Darowen School Log Book of 1917 refers to a visit to the school by a former pupil who has survived 14 months at the front-line of the Great War. It refers to his imminent return to the front of a war with much carnage to follow. 
Darowen School
Log Book
School log book entry
  The above entry was written on 30th January,1917 and reads:
"Private Evan Owen, an old scholar, paid a visit to the school this afternoon after having spent 14 months at the front in Belgium and France. He looked fit and well. He returns on the 1st of February". 
County Archives
School log book entry 

A reminder, if any were needed, of the loss of life in that terrible war can be found in the above log book entry from later the same year. This was recorded on 4th June,1917 and reads:
"After the ceremony on Friday afternoon June 1st the sad news was received here that Lieutenant J M Richards the fourth son of the Rector and Mrs Richards, and an old scholar of this school, was wounded and missing believed killed in France. Much sympathy is felt with the family, especially the father and mother who have three sons at the front". 

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