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Always talking Welsh !

Hard to get an English word
The extract shown here from the School Log Books of Darowen School reveals one of the problems faced by the new head teacher who took over in 1870.
 Darowen School
Log Books
School log book entry 

The above entry, recorded on 16th August, 1870, reads:
"The late master always talked Welsh with the children which makes it very hard to get an English word out of their mouths".

A later entry from 1917 noted that "Reading, with the exception of one or two, is very good and intelligently rendered, when it is considered that the children seldom hear any English except in school".
A rather patronising comment with more than a hint of anti-Welsh sentiment is to be found in the entry below, from an Inspector's Report of 1884.

County Archives

This extract, from 4th July, 1884, reads:
"The Arithmetic is excellent, and after making some allowance for the Welsh character of the children, I think the Reading and Spelling are successfully taught, but the handwriting needs a good deal of improvement."

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