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Darowen School 4
A long climb to school 

  An exposed position
Another reminder of the rugged terrain in which the little village school at Darowen was located is to be found in the School Inspector's Report of 1901, as recorded in the School Log Book

Darowen School
Log Book

County Archives

School log book entry 

The above entry, dated 18th June,1901 reads:
"The School has made considerable progress during the year and, considering the exposed position of the building and the long distances which many of the children have to climb to get to it, very satisfactory proficiency is exhibited in the various branches of instruction".

Similarly, a School Inspector's report recorded in 1926 noted "I was agreeably surprised to find the results in a lonely hill-country school much better than I anticipated. There was plenty to show that the teaching had been constant and conscientious".

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