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Darowen School 3
A wild Welsh mountain parish 

  Not a single absentee
There are many references over the years in the School Log Books of Darowen School to the isolation and remoteness of the village. The extract below is from an Inspector's Report of 1887, which comments very favourably on the high standard of the school.

Darowen School
Log Book

County Archives

School log book entry 

The above entry, recorded on 8th June, 1877, reads:
"The fact that in this wild Welsh mountain parish there has not been a single absentee or a single failure at the inspection is very strong evidence that the Master is doing his duty thoroughly well..."The hills near Darowen

A much later entry in the school log books, from an Inspector's Report in 1932, notes that "It is certainly one of the best schools in this district, and that in spite of the long and hilly roads which the children have to travel to and from the school".

The photograph of the hills around Darowen shown here gives some idea of the nature of the local landscape referred to in the log books over the years.

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