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Darowen School 7
Frozen ink in the inkpots 

  Another bitterly cold day
As with many other isolated schools in the Powys countryside, the weather is a very frequent subject of comment in the Darowen School Log Books.
The entry below, from 1912, shows the effects of winter weather on the exposed site of the school high in the hills of Montgomeryshire.
Darowen School
Log Book
School log book entry 

This extract from the log book, recorded on 5th February,1912, reads:
"Today is another bitterly cold day. The thermometer registering 3 1/2 degrees below freezing point at 8.00am. The ink in the inkpots was frozen. The attendance is naturally small, only 33 present".

The last scrap of coal
Similar conditions are noted in the entry below from 1919, when the terrible losses of the Great War made shortages of essential supplies inevitable. 

County Archives
School log book entry 

The above entry was dated 12th February,1919, and reads:
"The Thermometre today registers 35 degrees. The fires are low and the last scrap of coal has been used, although a request for coal was made on January 18th. For the sake of the health of the children and teachers we are compelled to close school for the 13th and 14th (Thursday and Friday)".

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