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Llanidloes National School - Infants 7
Elephants and camels in the river !

  The menagerie comes to town
There are many references in the School Log Books to some of the more unusual occasions which took place in Llanidloes over the years.
The annual visit of the circus must have been particularly exciting for the little children in a quiet market town, more accustomed to sheep and cattle!

National School
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School log book entry 

This entry from 14th July 1922 reads:
"Wombwell's Menagerie visited the town Wednesday 11th. Conversational lessons on the various wild animals given, the children having a splendid opportunity of seeing Elephants and Camels in the river."
Presumably the circus trainers took their large animals down to the river to let them drink and bathe in the River Severn.

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