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Hailing the end of a distant siege

  Hoisting the flags
Important national events in our history occasionally appear amongst the records of daily routines in School Log Books. One such example, from 1900, is shown below.
This refers to the ending of the siege of the British garrison at Ladysmith during the Boer War in South Africa. Some 20,000 people, mostly military personnel but including many civilians, were surrounded by the Boers for 118 days. Food and water supplies were limited and half of the deaths during the siege were due to disease.

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School log book entry 

The entry shown here was written on 6th April 1900, and reads:
"News came this morning of the Relief of Ladysmith. Rev.W.D.Roberts visited and it was decided to give a holiday in honour of the event. The children hailed it gladly and while flags were hoisted, gave expression to their feelings, cheering and singing the while".

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