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Llanidloes National School - Infants 6
One little pupil died this week

  The loss of little scholars
As already seen on the previous page, epidemics were a continuing cause of concern in the early days of formal schooling. In many cases the health of the children was affected by rural poverty and the poor diet and primitive sanitation which went with it.
Early School Log Books often refer to the death of children through illness or accidents, and sad examples from Llanidloes are included here.
National School
Log Book
School log book entry 
  A fatality is recorded, above, from a seemingly very minor cause. This was reported on 26th July 1889:
"One little boy died this week from a sprain of the ankle, which brought on Inflammation etc".
  School log book entry 
  Another death, from the entry for 26th July 1912, is shown above:
"One little pupil died this week from Appendicitis".
County Archives
School log book entry 

A fatal accident, with no details of the circumstances, was noted in this entry from 10th January 1890, which reads:
"Gave a holiday this afternoon to allow the children to attend the funeral of a little scholar who had been accidentally killed".

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