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Llanidloes National School - Infants 1
No counting on the fingers !

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Cheerfulness and spirit
The National School at Llanidloes, (the 'Church of England' school from 1907), had a separate department for the youngest children, and many very favourable comments from the School Inspectors have been recorded in the School Log Books over the years.
The example below is from the annual report for 1886.

National School
Log Book

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School log book entry 

This report was noted in the Log Book on 22nd October,1886 and reads:
"Infants' School. The discipline, cheerfulness, and spirit of the Infants deserves high praise, as do the Object Lessons. The Elementary Subjects are, on the whole, well taught, but the Arithmetic should be carried further and the Children should give up counting on their fingers and should be handier at finding the places in their reading books..."

'Object lessons' seem to have been a regular feature of early schooling, and the topics listed for this school at the time included 'Eagle,Camel, Monkey, Ass' and also some more familiar to Montgomeryshire children - 'Snow, Ice, Rain, and 'Thunder Storm'.

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