Victorian Powys for primary  schools
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Pictures of Llanidloes
  Llanidloes in Victorian times  

It was much more difficult to take photographs during the Victorian photographeryears of Queen Victoria's reign.
The cameras were very large and heavy. The body of the camera was made of wood, usually mahogany, and the fittings and screws were made of brass.
Because the camera was so heavy and it took much longer than today to capture an image, the supports for the camera also had to be very strong to keep everything still while the picture was being taken.
The people who were being photographed had to keep very still too ! That is why many Victorian pictures of groups of children at school have one or two blurred faces because somebody moved before the photographer has finished !

Nobody move !
When Britannia was an inn
News at ten, eleven, twelve...
Fill your buckets here
The (very) Old Market Hall
The Railway Foundry
Great Oak Street
Long Bridge Street
Delivery by horse and cart
and by donkey cart !
Always there on market day
Bethel Street - as it was !


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