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  A regular fixture at the Market Hall  

This photograph was probably taken around 1900, at the end of the long reign of Queen Victoria.
It shows Mary Brown, who had a regular place underneath the old Market Hall where she sold fruit and vegetables over very many years. She died in the early 1900's.

Mary Brown
at the
Market Hall

A book about Llanidloes published in 1908 said that Mary Brown had been there for so long that she had become 'one of the most permanent institutions of the borough'.
Just a few years after this picture was taken, the market traders were able to use the Market Hall on the ground floor of the new Town Hall.

The new building in Great Oak Street was opened in 1908, and it had large archways along the front which could be closed by iron gates.
The new market space had offices for sorting out payments, a refreshment room, and toilets, so the traders were probably glad to move to the new building on market days.

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