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  The Llanidloes public water pump  

For most of the Victorian period there was a large water pump in the middle of the road at the centre of Llanidloes. It was located in Long Bridge Street, right next to the old Market Hall.

Water pump

This picture was taken around 1895, looking along Short Bridge Street. In the days before water was piped to most houses and businesses, the public water pump supplied a very important service for many towns and villages.

In this picture of the
old pump you can just
see a lamp on a bracket
attached to the Market
Hall on the left, and
also part of the famous
"Wesley Stone".


There is a drinking cup on a chain attached to the pump, which was added in 1895 - a sort of early drinking fountain !
Later on people complained about the water coming out of the pump, which wasn't quite as good as we expect these days !
The handle which made the pump work was taken away in 1905, and the whole pump was removed eventually as it was no longer needed.

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