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  Long Bridge Street
  This photograph was taken around 1882 and it shows the view along Long Bridge Street in Llanidloes on what seems to have been a fairly busy day for the people of the town.
You can't walk all over the road like this these days !
The picture was taken from the upper floor of the Market Hall, and the old water pump would have been just below the photographer.
Drapery - a shop which sold lengths of cloth for curtains and chair coverings, cotton reels and sewing materials.
Long Bridge
Long Bridge Street,1880's The building in the front of the picture on the right was known as the 'Trade Hall', which was built in the 1860's for the drapery business of Morris and Sons.
From about 1900 to 1968 the Llanidloes Post Office was located there.

The Van Vaults, which was a pub named after the Van Lead Mines, is in the next block on the right. This was opened in Llanidloes because the village near the mines was not allowed to have a place to drink alcohol !
The Red Lion Inn is easy to spot on the left of the picture, because of the large stone lion (see right) which stands on top of the porch. He is still there today !
This inn was one of the places in Llanidloes where the Chartists used to meet in the 1830's to talk about getting better treatment for working people.

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Red Lion sign
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