Llanfair Caereinion
Victorian school days
  The problems of the early schools  

Most children did not go to school at all at the start of Queen Victoria's reign. Wealthy landowners would have their children taught at home, and their older boys would be sent away to public school.
Tradesmen in the area would send their children to a local private school if they could afford it.
The children of the poor had to go to work as soon as they were old enough because the family needed the extra money.

Victorian classroom
  By the end of the Victorian period free schools were provided and it became compulsory for all children to go to school.
These pages help to show what it was like to be at school in Victorian times. They include original entries from the official diaries or Log Books of local schools...
Not at school today
The numbers game
School can damage your health !
Beware of dogs and horses
The alphabet - what's that ?
The school in the hills
Money, money, money...
Teacher's pay - for books ?
Can't work - it's too cold !
Tea, and a picture show
Cheerfully at work
Children behaving badly
A wheelbarrow lesson

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