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  These animals bite !  

There are also a lot of accidents of various sorts reported in the Log Books or diaries of Victorian schools.
Many were due to the lack of proper safety precautions which are now strictly enforced, but some are not unknown today...

2nd September
School diary entry

This is from the Log Book of Tregynon School
in September 1872 -
"Elizabeth Evans was bitten on Saturday by a savage dog and was taken to the Infirmary at Newtown".
Another biting animal appears in the records of Llanllugan School in April 1898 -

25th April
School diary entry Small dog picture
It wasn't me, honest !

"Many of the bigger boys are at home helping with the farm work. Two of the boys are absent through accidents. One was bitten on the cheek by a horse, and the other broke his arm by falling off a horse's back".
None of these accidents were all that serious, but most school diaries from the 1880's and 1890's tell of children who died from accidents on the farm, railway, river or canal.

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