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  Very quarrelsome children  

There is nothing new about children behaving badly ! In Victorian times many teachers used the cane regularly, and very few parents complained about strict discipline. But it didn't stop some children from getting into trouble !
These 'unkind' children from Llanllugan School in July 1883 were only given a telling off on this occasion...

6th July
School diary entry
"Some of the children are
very quarrelsome when they
leave school on their way
home. Several complaints have
been made, and so I had to
caution many of them against
being so unkind to each other".

These boys, also from Llanllugan School, had also got off without a caning in September 1881...

27th September
School diary entry "I was obliged to punish 5 boys in the 1st Standard [class] by keeping them in, for being careless and inattentive during the reading and Arithmetic lessons".

That doesn't happen nowadays, of course ! Everybody just loves doing arithmetic !
There is more bad behaviour on the next page...

A pardon for taking the vicar's apples...


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