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  Begging hard for a pardon  

More bad behaviour. This comes from the Log Book of Llangyniew National School for September 1873.
Three boys from the school got into the local vicar's orchard and helped themselves to apples and walnuts !

17th September
School diary entry Orchard apple

"Mistress taught lower classes in afternoons. Three boys, DavidDrawing of apple thieves Jones, Evan Jones, and William Hughes broke into the Rectory Orchard, and took walnuts and apples. The Canon came to the school, and called them up. They all begged hard, and were pardoned that one - the first instance of theft".
The boys were probably lucky that the apples were taken from the orchard belonging to the church.
They would probably have ended up with a severe caning if they had raided an orchard belonging to a local landowner, who may not have been so forgiving !

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Drawing by
Rob Davies
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