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Victorian school days
  Cheerfully at work all day  

There are a lot of sad events recorded in school Log Books, but fortunately there are also some entries that show that there were happy times too.
Apart from the regular 'treats' given to most schools, the everyday routine of the classroom was often enjoyed by the children. This entry is from Llanllugan School in 1884...

19th September
School diary entry "...The 1st Standard [class] girls take great delight in knitting. Many of them have finished their inspection needlework"...
Drawing by
Rob Davies

Sewing and knitting classes for the girls were seen as being very important in Victorian times, and most schools had a 'Sewing Mistress' who attended on certain days.
Many of the girls would go into domestic service after leaving school, so sewing skills would often be required.
There were more cheerful children at Llangyniew School in 1885...

6th January
School diary entry

"The attendance is much better today. Cheerfully at work all day".

Hopefully, this sort of day wasn't all that unusual, in spite of the many problems that both children and teachers had to cope with in the Victorian years !

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