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Victorian school days
  Learning about the wheelbarrow...  

The official timetable of many Victorian schools included 'Object Lessons'.
The teachers had a list of approved subjects to talk about in class, and had picture cards to show the children.

Some of the lessons given seem a bit odd these days...

Old wheelbarrow
29th February
School diary entry
  Llanllugan School, 1884 -
"On Friday a lesson was given on the 'Turkey'. The children answered very well at the end".
5th March
School diary entry
  Llanllugan School, 1896 -
"Object Lesson to all on 'A Frog', illustrated by picture and spawn".
This one is not so strange, because frogs have been part of biology lessons for years, but wheelbarrows ?...
What's that wheelbarrow
doing there ?
17th May
School diary entry

Tregynon School, 1872 -
"A lesson was given to the second division on a wheelbarrow".
Perhaps that is why the Victorians were such good inventors. They had wheelbarrow lessons at school !

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