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  Lots of objects to learn about  

More of the assorted subjects which Victorian teachers had to talk about during 'Object Lessons' are listed here.
This is from the Log Book of Manafon School in 1896...

23rd November
School diary entry
Photo of tiger
Drawing of pig "Object Lessons - Infants and Standard 1 -
Money, Tea, Tree (oak), Fox,Butterfly
A Pen, Salt, Orange, Yard Measure,
A Slate, Pig, Sponge, Rice, Cork,
Lion, A Railway Station, House, A letter,
Leather, Penny, Seashore, A Blacksmith,
Silk, Sparrow, Duck, Butterfly,
Wool, Tiger, Mouse, A grocer's shop,
Miaow !
I don't like the
look of that tiger
over there !

Sometimes the teacher would be able to bring in the actual object or animal to use in the lesson. One school Log Book mentioned the use of a neighbour's cat for a lesson, and said that the cat behaved very well !
It probably wouldn't be such a good idea for a lesson on the tiger, though !

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