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  The seven who turned up every day !  
  The school Log Book entry shown below is interesting because it mentions school children aged under 3 years old !
It is also unusual because it says that seven children turned up for every morning and afternoon class for the whole year !
This Log Book entry is from Llanfair Caereinion National School in 1899, and it reads -
3 young children
30th June
School diary entry "End of School Year. Attendance for the year averages 52.7 (Exclusive of scholars under 3). No. on books at end of year 66 - Seven scholars have not missed one attendance during year".

The figures seem much better than most, with an average attendance of over 52 out of 66 on the register. Unfortunately, comments like the one shown below are more usual...

1st June
School diary entry "The attendance has been very poor again and the work has consequently suffered. Little head-way can be made..."

This comes from the diary of Llanfair Caereinion National School from near the end of Queen Victoria's life, June 1899.
The problem was not sorted out until school attendance was made compulsory, and properly enforced. Some early attempts by 'Attendance Officers' were not very effective ! There is more about this job on the next page...

Nobody came, so it's a holiday...


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