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  Seven weeks of snow, then whooping cough...  
  The official Log Book from Llanllugan School for 1886 includes a School Inspector's report, which mentions just some of the problems the children and teachers had to cope with.
Like many Victorian schools in mid-Wales, it was located in remote, hilly country and was hard to reach in bad weather at a time when many roads were in a very poor condition.
This part of the Inspector's report reads -
Children in the snow
17th September
School diary entry "The misfortunes of this School during this year have been and are great. It lies in a most exposed position in a country of bleak and barren moorland, and therefore it was closed for seven weeks during last winter on account of snow, and now whooping cough is raging among the children. Under these circumstances..."

The Inspector's report went on to say that allowances would be made for the troubles the school had that year, so he kindly gave the school "a Merit Grant of Good".
Schools had to get decent results in the examinations in order to get official funds to keep the school going. This school would have been very thankful to have been visited by a fair minded Inspector, for not all of them were !
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