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Victorian school days
  The school on a mountain top
  Many small Victorian country schools in Wales were in remote spots high in the hills. In bad weather they could be hard to reach, particularly for the youngest children.
The diary entry below is from Llanllugan, (Cwm) School for 1881...
Mustering - gathering together.
14th January
School diary entry

"This School was opened on the 1st of March in a very remote district where no school room was ever seen before..."

The way that was written in the school Log Book makes it sound like the middle of nowhere !
The Inspector's report on Llanllugan School two years later, in 1883, praises the children for attending their lessons regularly, even in very bad weather...

Victorian engraving of storm What do you mean,
you missed the
school bus ?
12th November
School diary entry This part of the report says -
(As usual at...) "Cwm Inspections the Children deserve high praise for mustering so well on a mountain top in storm and tempest".

The Victorian School Inspectors didn't usually use write their reports in such a dramatic and colourful way ! The school at Llanllugan wasn't really on the edge of a cliff like the one above, but we like the (Victorian) picture !

More weather problems for local schools...


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