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  Severe weather - miserably wet !  

The weather always gets lots of mentions in Victorian school Log Books or diaries, because most children had to walk to school - often for several miles, and often over very rough tracks.
This is from the Llangyniew National School Log Book for early March, 1886 -

3rd March
School diary entry

March 3rd - "No School for the last two [days] for no one came owing to the severity of the weather. Only 12 in School today".
March 5th - "Severe weather, School desperately small".
More weather trouble at Pantycrai School in 1882...

26th January
School diary entry

This Log Book entry was made on the 26th of January -
"Only 26 in school today, on account of a snow storm. All the scholars who attended were miserably wet and uncomfortable".
Just getting to school was often a struggle for the children, especially for the youngest ones. But there could still be problems after they arrived at the school...

Would you rather choke or freeze ?...


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