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  Tea at the Big House, and a magic lantern show  

The Log Books or diaries of many Victorian schools Gregynog House often record links with the local gentry from the 'Big House' of the district. Members of the family would often visit the school, and regular 'treats' such as tea parties would be provided.

The entry below is from Tregynon School Log Book for 1877, and it tells of the 'annual treat' from Lord Sudeley of Gregynog and his family.

Gregynog House
23rd October
School diary entry
This Magic Lantern
can be seen at

Brecknock Museum
in Brecon.

"The annual treat kindly given by the Rt. Hon. Lord and Lady Sudeley took place today. A magic lantern in the evening".

An account of the annual treat in 1873 said that "Prizes, consisting of handsome books, were distributed by Miss Tracy, for regular attendance and good conduct during the past year. After tea a Magic Lantern was exhibited to the children and their parents".

Magic lantern

The 'Magic Lantern' was a projector which was used to show black and white, or sometimes hand-coloured, pictures on a screen or on a white wall. It was quite exciting for children (and for parents !) in the days before films and television.

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