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Cwmdeuddwr National School 6
Religious activities

Anglican festivals and ceremonies
Cwmdeuddwr school appears to have originated as a church school, later becoming a National School and then a Church of England endowed school. The school was therefore closely involved with the local church events, the vicar serving on the managers and visiting the school often. Similarly the children were expected to attend the regular festivals and ceremonies and were taught the catechism.
Log Book
  The entry from the School Log Book for 1889 reads:-
"Ash Wednesday. Registers marked at 9 so that children may go to church at 11."
A photograph of the parish church can be seen on Cwmdeuddwr School 1
County Archives
log book entry


Confirmation probably meant a visit from the Bishop with all the attendant ceremony. The above entry from the same year reads:-
Confirmation at Cwmdeuddwr; a great number of children absent this morning. John Jones P.T. [Pupil Teacher] absent."

Church and Chapel
Although Cwmdeuddwr school was a church school, it was the only school in the village and many of the children must have been from the nonconformist chapels here and in Rhayader. The school seems to have recognised this and certainly the Log Books record many chapel events and outings. 

log book entry 

"The school closed all day on account of the United Chapel trip to Barmouth"

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