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Cwmdeuddwr National School 2
Early difficulties

The staff
When records of the school begin there was just one teacher, a Mr John Cornall, assisted by two pupil teachers, John Jones and William Jones, and 72 pupils. Like almost every other school in Mid Wales at this time, maintaining a regular attendance was to be a long struggle. The School Log Book entry below dates from February 1888 and expresses some of Mr Cornall's problems.
Log Book
log book extract
  The entry reads:-
"Snow fell heavily yesterday (Sunday). Nearly all the children are absent this morning. 3 children too late to be marked present. 60 present this afternoon. Cwmdauddwr Feast Fair. Registers market at 9 & 11, closed at one".

photo of school buildingThe Building
It is apparent also that the building was already too small although the numbers were to rise further before an extension was built.

This photograph - taken in 1999 - shows the original school building with later brick extension.


Cwmdeuddwr School c.1890 Mary Jane (Jennie) Jones holding the board

Photograph by
kind permission of
Lloyd Lewis

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