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Cwmdeuddwr National School 5

Outside attractions
Sometimes the children were simply absent from school because some opportunity for an experience out of the ordinary had proved too much of a distraction. In cottages and farms there was not much in the way of modern entertainment for youngsters. Fairs and feasts and festivals were eagerly seized on.
Log Book


This enrty from June 1888 records what must have been a great attraction.
"School closed this afternoon; a circus in town. Edith Powles absent from school. This girl has bad eyes. William Pugh Standard I is very backward in his work"

In the instance below (from the same month) one can imagine the boys in particular being interested.

County Archives
log book entry 
  "The register will be marked at 9 & 11, & school closed at 1, Annual Rifle Competition" 
log book entry 

In the above case the event is a gentry wedding, the Lewis Lloyds of Nantgwyllt being a major landowning family and the employer of many of the school's parents
"Poor attendance in the morning - a number of children away in order to witness the wedding of Miss Lloyd of Nantgwillt - a holiday in the afternoon."

A special treat
Although the teacher's irritation can be felt in some of these entries, there are times when the school closes in order to give the children a rare treat, as in this next entry from 1888. 

log book entry 


"A party of ladies & gentlemen from Llandrindod entertained the children on the Groe, a holiday given in consequence."

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