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Cwmdeuddwr National School 1
Early days

The first school records
The exact origins of this school are obscure. Although an endowment had existed since the 17th century, it is not until the first surviving School Log Book begins in 1888 that we have any detail of school life. By that time universal education had been introduced although establishing regular attendance was to be a struggle for the staff well into the present century.

Detail from
Ordnance Survey
6 inch map
showing the village
around 1904

County Archives

6" map of Cwmdeuddwr


The village of Cwmdeuddwr, although just across the river from Rhayader, has always been proud to assert its own identity. It is the heart of the large and mountainous parish of Llansantffraid Cwmdeuddwr which in ancient times had been a commote (cwmwd deuddwr).

Although the school log books do not begin until 1888 there is an earlier reference to the school in the Rhayader School Log Books which refers in 1871 to the age-old rivalry between Cwmdeuddwr and Rhayader.
"This week the boys from the Cwmtoyddwr School gave so much annoyance that I had to send the police to their respective homes."

In 1874, when the Rhayader School had to close for while because of difficulties recruiting staff, many of the town children came to Cwmdeuddwr.

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