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Cwmdeuddwr National School 10
World War II

In September 1939 Britain was at war with Germany again and, although far from the major theatres of war, Cwmdeuddwr school had a rather diferent wartime experience from 1914-1918. In those first tense weeks it is probable that no-one knew what to expect. The further extracts below are from the School Log Book.

Log Book

log book entry


This entry reads:
"School closed for 1 week owing to outbreak of war with Germany"

New faces
With Britains major cities within reach of Germany's bombers, rural schools like Cwmdeuddwr were taking in classes of children from urban areas. As the entry below from January 1941 shows a group of children from Merseyside came to Cwmdeuddwr and it must have been something of a "culture shock" both for them and the local children.

County Archives
log book entry 


"Admitted 11 evacuated children from the Bootle area accompanied by two teachers Miss J. Roberts & Miss Pearson".

To the great relief of the whole country, Nazi Germany was defeated in May 1945. Once again every community celebrated to the full. 

  log book entry 

"May 8th - V.E. day. Children dismissed after a Service of Thanksgiving held in the school.
May 8th,9th & 10th - Victory Holiday by the wish of the Education Committee.
May 14th - Absent from School - Manager's consent.
May 18th - School closed - 2 sessions - for a children's Victory tea, etc."

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