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Cwmdeuddwr National School 3
The struggle against disease

A serious threat
Again as with every other school in Powys at this time, attendance was hit by disease among the local populace. Scarlet fever, mumps, measles, diphtheria, whooping cough and influenza were all serious, even life-threatening, diseases in these days of poorer diet and no antibiotics.
Log Book
log book extract


This entry from the School Log Book for Easter 1888 shows the first reference to absences through these diseases. The entry reads:-
"School open, a very moderate attendance. Pughs Coedmynach absent with Whooping Cough. Thomas Morgan Evans very ill."

In a household where there was a child with any of these conditions all children from the family would be excluded from school to try to contain the disease. Cwmdeuddwr School was closed many times over the years to prevent the spread of disease. In June 1892 the school was closed for an outbreak of measles 

County Archives
log book extract


The entry reads:-
"School re-opened after Whitsuntide Holidays. On assembly it was found that the majority of the children were away with "Measles", and on this account school is to be closed again this week, and to be kept closed until July 11th 1892, by order of the Medical Officer of Health."
  log book extract 

In some tragic cases these illnesses resulted in the tragic death of the child, as in the above case from September 1893 which reads:-
"One of the scholars attending this school - Gordon J. Edwards youngest son of the Revd. J. Edwards, Correspondent of the school - died from 'Croup' after a few days illness. He was a strong boy, and was a promising pupil."

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