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Hay British Infants School 6
Rural distractions, 1891

  Holidays for the country shows
The example below gives some idea of the effect local events often had upon schooling in country areas in the early days of formal education, with two shows on successive days in 1891, as noted in the School Log Books.
Hay British
Infants School
Log Book
School log book entry. 
  This entry is from 18th September 1891 and reads:
"Gave two days Holidays this week viz Thursday & Friday on account of the Agricultural and Horse Shows".
A variation on the events involving larger livestock is shown below, with birds giving rise to another day off, this time in 1900 !
County Archives
School log book entry. 

On 14th December 1900 the school log book noted:
"Attendance good. Annual live poultry market on Thursday. No School. Average for the week 67.8".
There are also a variety of less exclusively rural distractions to be found in the log books, as seen on the next page.

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