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Hay British Infants School 17
Carnival and fireworks, 1945

  Victory celebrations
The records of the Infants School during the years of the war include a note in the School Log Books of the closure of the school for a week in 1941 to allow the older children to help local farmers with potato planting, since home-grown food supplies were vital at this time.
A 'Spitfire collecting box' was placed at the school in 1940, and collections were arranged for 'Warship Week'. A salvage drive in 1943 to help the war effort, assisted by the children, is recorded as having yielded 196 books, thus lost to Hay's many secondhand bookshops of today ! 

 Hay British
Infants School
Log Book

School log book entry 
  The end of the Second World War in Europe in 1945 was the signal for nationwide celebrations, including as many treats for the children as the shortages of wartime would allow. This was recorded in the above entry of 6th June 1945, which reads:
"Victory celebrations are to be held in Hay on Saturday June 8th. They include a Church Parade, sports, tea-party, carnival, fireworks and a dance".
County Archives
School log book entry 

The final wartime entry on 27th September 1945 reads
"Workmen are pulling down the blast wall before the entrance to this school".
Thankfully, it was never needed.

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