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The British Infants School, 1881

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A new room for the infants
The British School in Heol-y-dwr on the eastern edge of the town was opened in 1877, and separate provision for the youngest children was arranged early in 1881.
The title page of the School Log Book of the new Infants Department of the British School at Hay is shown below, and a number of entries from this and later diaries of activities at the school can be seen on the following pages.
British schools were non-denominational and were often favoured by non-conformist families, whilst National schools were essentially anglican church schools.

Hay British
Infants School
Log Book

County Archives

School log book title pageMany of the children in the new Infants Department were very young, and those in the youngest class were often referred to over the years in the log books as 'the Babies'.
The first entry in the new book written on 10th January 1881 is shown below. It reads:
"Monday 10th. The new Room formally opened as an Infants' Department under the charge of Mrs.M.J.Russell. 46 children present".
Mrs Russell stayed for just six months and there were many changes of staff in later years.
  School log book entry 
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