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Hay British Infants School 12
Early for school, 1896

  The youngest 'baby'
The references on other pages in this sequence on the Infants School at Hay to the youngest children being called 'The Babies' can be readily understood in the light of the following surprising entry from the School Log Books.
This shows that one little girl at the school, Florrie Smith, was found to be only two and a half years old !

Hay British
Infants School
Log Book

County Archives

School log book entry 

The above entry was written on 7th May 1896, and reads:
"Have marked Florrie Smith's name "Left" on the Register as I have found out today she was only 2 years old last November, and not 3 as the age first given".
Perhaps this young lady was very bright for her age since she was not found out sooner !

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