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Hay British Infants School 13
Accidental deaths

  A drowning in the Wye
The death of young schoolchildren as a result of the alarmingly frequent outbreaks of infectious diseases and epidemics was by no means unusual in the early days of formal education, as shown on earlier pages.
There are, sadly, many other causes of death at a very young age revealed in the School Log Books of most schools. Two examples from Hay are shown here.
Hay British
Infants School
Log Book
School log book entry 
  The drowning of a little boy from the Infants School was recorded on 13th May 1892. The entry reads:
"Admitted two new scholars this week. Little Willie Evans, one of the Infant Boys, got drowned in the River Wye on Monday".
County Archives
School log book entry 

A later entry, from 1925, marks a young victim of the early years of the increase in motor traffic on the roads. On 6th May the teacher noted a change in the usual school timetable
"..change is made in order that all who wish may attend the funeral of one of the children - Dickie Walters, who died from injuries received by being knocked down by a motor-cycle".

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