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Hay British Infants School 4
A death from scarlet fever, 1938

  From the Babies class
The previous page referred to the often alarming frequency of serious epidemics as recorded in early School Log Books. With illness being such a regular cause of disruption to school life it was inevitable that the death of children from disease was also, sadly, by no means rare.
Hay British
Infants School
Log Book
School log book entry 
  An unhappy example of such a loss is shown here, from 19th December 1938:
"Little Maureen Bryne from the Babies class has died at the local Isolation Hospital from the effects of Scarlet Fever". 
County Archives
School log book entry 

This almost matter-of-fact entry written in the log book on 25th January 1918 does not mention the cause of the death of a young pupil:
"One scholar has been admitted this week, and one has died".

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