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Care of the poor 18
The Great War

For King and Empire
With the outbreak of war in 1914 a wave of patriotic feeling swept the land. In London, shops with German sounding names had their windows smashed. Even in remote Radnorshire anti-German feelings also ran high.

Rhayader Board
of Guardians'
Minute Books
extract from Guardians' minute books

County Archives



It reads:-
"The Rhayader Board of Guardians respectfully desire to draw to the attention of His Majesty's Government to the inadequacy of the Pensions at present paid to Soldiers and Sailors and to the widows and children of Soldiers and Sailors.
Further, they are of the opinion that the justice of these cases can only be met by the fixing of all such pensions at a minimum of not less than £1 per week."
As well as this robust plea on behalf of local service families, the Board made a demand for the internment of all enemy aliens as this detail from the pages of the minute books makes clear.
Powys County Archives R/G/C/8/1/23  extract from minute books 
  After voicing its disatisfaction with parliament's handling of the issue the Board then resolves- "that the internment of Aliens has been carried out in a very lax manner, and strongly urges the government to act more vigourously and intern all enemy aliens without exception". 
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