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Care of the poor 14
A schoolroom at the workhouse

A mistress appointed
In March 1880 the Board of Guardians appointed a schoolmistress to teach the pauper children in the workhouse.

County Archives


The entry reads:-
"Moved by The Revd T. J. Thirlwall, seconded by The Revd. T.C. Prickard, and Resolved That Miss Elizabeth Cordelia Rose be, and she is hereby (subject to the approval of the Local Government Board) appointed to the office of Schoolmistress at the Workhouse of this Union, and that she be paid a salary after the rate of Ten pounds per annum, and be allowed the same rations as are now allowed the Master and Matron."

As the new schoolmistress has the same surname as the Master and Matron, it is quite likely that she was a daughter or other family member.

An inspection
In June 1880, just three months after the appointment, one of Her Majesties Inspectors came to examine the work of the school at the workhouse. The following entry from the Guardians minutes records his reaction.

  "The Inspector reported that 'having regard for the short time that has elapsed since the school has been open, the progress of the children has been very satisfactory' ". 
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