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Better opportunities

There are cases in the Rhayader Union's Minute Books where the Guardians support a poor persons longer term hopes. In August 1856 the Union voted fifteen pounds to Mary Owens of Cwmdeuddwr, aged 25, who had been abandoned by her husband and wanted to take her 7 year old son to Canada in search of better opportunities.
In May 1859 this entry is to be found.-
County Archives


The entry reads:-
"Emigration - Resolved that the several poor persons being settled in the parish of Rhayader in the County of Radnor comprised in the Rhayader Union, whose names are hereunder written being desirous of emigrating to Lower Canada, the necessary steps be immediately taken to effect the emigration and that a sum not exceeding £2.17.2 be expended for each person and be charged to the said parish in pursuance of the Statute 12 & 13 Vict: cap: 103, sect: 20"

The emigrants were "Elizabeth Jones, Rhayader, widow aged 37, and her six children: viz. Elizabeth (16), John (14), Thomas (10), Jane (9), Mary (7), and William (5)."

Occasionally the entries in the Union Minute Books
 record the Union's willingness to support a pauper's apprenticeship. Although this was an attempt to further the long term ambitions of the young person concerned unscrupulous tradesman could exploit the situation to their advantage and pauper families relying on the Union did not have much say in the matter. The extract below is from January 1859.

  The entry reads:-
"Apprenticeship - It is proposed that Evan Jenkins a pauper boy of the parish of Llanwrthwl be bound an apprentice to William Pugh of Rhayader Shoemaker in the term of Three years - premium Fifteen pounds, one moiety to be paid on execution of the Indenture and the other moiety at the expiration of 18 months from that date. The Board to supply the boy with a suit of clothing and William Pugh to furnish him with a pair of shoes at the commencement of the term, and afterwards during the said term, the said William Pugh is to provide the said Evan Jenkins with food, lodging and suitable clothing."
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