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"Falling on the parish"

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Care of the Poor
Until comparatively recent times daily life for the majority of people in Radnorshire was a struggle. Simple occurrences such as losing your job or becoming too ill or old to work could spell real hardship. If this happened then the stricken family had to turn to the local parish for help. As any relief offered came from the Poor Rate paid by local property owners, the parish officers were keen to send back paupers to their parish of origin if they were not regarded as local.
On Tuesday 16th July 1771, Griffith Davies of Llanbadarn y Garreg was brought before the Justices of the Peace at the Quarter Sessions at Presteigne. He was a taylor by trade who had fallen into difficulties and needed help from the Overseers of the Poor for the Parish. Since he was originally from Nantmel he and his family were sent back there.

Quarter Sessions

County Archives

  This entry from the Quarter Sessions Order Book reads:-
"Ordered that the order of Hugh Morgan and John Williams Esquires for the removal of Griffith Davies taylor, Eliz his wife and Eliz and Jane their Daughters from the parish of Llanbadarn y Garreg to the parish of Nantmell be confirmed --"
  Hugh Morgan and John Williams were two Justices who had ordered the resettlement but needed this to be confirmed and recorded by the court. What became of the family is not known.
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