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Care of the poor 17
An old soldier

Last days
The extract from the1908 Minute Books of the Board of Guardians shown below tells of an old soldier living out his last days with few comforts available to him. Richard Owen's age is not given, but the Crimean War in which he served was fought in the years 1854-56!

Board of
Minute Book

County Archives

extract from minute books


It reads:-
"Richard Owen, an inmate of the Workhouse who is in receipt of a pension of seven shillings per week from the War Office for having served in the Crimean War, and who pays to the Guardians 4/- [4 shillings] per week towards his maintenance, was allowed 1/- per week only for expenditure and the Master was authorised to retain the remaining 2/- in his possession pending further instructions from the Guardians."
Poor Mr Owen gets just one shilling of his pension for himself out of the seven shillings granted to him, in return for serving his country in a campaign which saw great loss of life and much suffering.
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