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  Victorian Trade Directories  

These were a little like the Yellow Pages of today (but without the telephone numbers !) They listed all the property owners and tradesmen in the area, and gave information about services such as the coaches, carriers and schools.

They are a very useful source for finding what an area was like in Victorian times. Select from the list below.

Slater's Guide to South Wales. 1858
1 The Rhayader gentry
2 The tradesmen: Bakers to butchers
3 The tradesmen: Carpenters to ironmongers
4 The tradesmen: Milliners to wheelwrights

Kelly's Directory of South Wales. 1895
1 The Cwmdeuddwr gentry
2 Cwmdeuddwr tradesmen: Allcroft to Edwards
3 Cwmdeuddwr tradesmen: Evans to Worthing
4 Nantmel gentry and tradesmen


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