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Earning a living
  Kelly's Directory 1: Cwmdeuddwr gentry, 1895  
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Like Slater's Guide of 1858, Kelly's Directory listed all the gentry of the parish who did not live by trade.

Listed on the right are all the main landowners of the parish in 1895.
The two biggest landowners were Major General Sladen of Rhydoldog, and Birmingham City Corporation.

Rhydoldog had long been the home of the Oliver family. It came to General Sladen when he married the daughter of the family and inherited in that way.

Directory entry

Birmingham City Corporation had purchased the Elan Valley estate from the Lewis Lloyd family and in 1895 the construction of the Elan Valley reservoirs to provide water for the great city was underway.
(See our pages on the Elan Valley dams project).

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