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Earning a living
  Slater's Guide 2: the tradesmen of Rhayader, 1858  
The surnames come first in these lists!

There were no supermarkets in Victorian times, and before the railways communications were limited so that most things that people needed were provided locally.

These lists from the Trade Directories show us just what kind of tradesmen were working in the town.

Some of the trades - like the bakers and butchers - are still familiar to us today. Others like the boot and shoe makers would make the shoes themselves, where today they are brought from a far off factory.

Directory entry
  Smithy photo Blacksmiths played a very important role in Victorian times. Before the days of complex electrical machines the local blacksmith could mend most machinery.
Farmers would bring their tools to the smithy to be mended, and many smiths were also farriers and would put horseshoes on the horses. With thousands of horses at work in the countryside this kept the blacksmith busy.

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